Regional Bioethics Information Centre

Our mission: to collect and disseminate information on bioethics in Central and Eastern Europe.

Regional Bioethics Information Centre (RBIC) was founded in 2004 as a result of close collaboration between UNESCO, German Reference Center for Ethics in the Life Sciences, Vilnius University, Lithuanian Bioethics Committee, and Ministry of Education and Science of Lithuania.

RBIC takes active part in a number of European research and networking initiatives with a special emphasis on activities in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, it provides contacts and expertise in regional bioethics networking to the Department of Medical History and Ethics at Vilnius University.


  • To raise public awareness concerning the ethical implications of the use of scientific knowledge and technology in life sciences.
  • To provide information on bioethical issues to scientific and governmental organizations, the media, NGOs.
  • To promote research and education on ethics in life sciences.
  • To collaborate with various regional and international organizations and thus strengthen international bioethics network.
  • To thereby strengthen the protection of human rights and dignity in the area of biotechnology and biomedicine.

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